Opened in 2021, SOKO CAKE BAKE BRUNCH – the first brand of SOKOGROUP, offers classic European-style snacks and cakes that are delicately combined with modern Asian cuisine. After the success of the first branch, SOKO continues to lead the Brunch Sensation here in Ho Chi Minh City.

An “insta-worthy” space must be attractive at first sight and impressive when you arrive, making you want to share it on your “feed immediately.”Besides the more spacious area than the previous branch, the architecture and interior at SOKO’s new house. Designed in a contemporary style with white as the main color, the space at the restaurant feels comfortable but equally sophisticated and trendy.

Inverted mushroom blocks combined with ceiling mirrors help maximize space and make people think of “white chocolate chips” – one of the main ingredients to create the famous “chocolate chip” cookies. The interior uses neutral and elegant tones such as white and beige, accented with simple and beautiful brown details, making SOKO not only an ideal place to “check in” but also enjoy. Suitable for meetings and intimate conversations with friends.

Following the first branch, SOKO, the second branch continues to choose District 1 as the next stop and is only a five-minute walk from SOKO Nguyen Trung Truc branch.



Along with the brunch restaurants in this central area, SOKO wishes to give customers more choices and bring delicious brunch and cakes to local diners. But also for domestic and foreign tourists when they can visit Ho Chi Minh City.

At the new branch, brunch items and “best-seller” pastries such as pan bread, “eggs benedict”, croissants, or “cronut” will still be available to entertain diners. Besides, the menu here is also revealed to add new and more attractive dishes.

Together with a team of skilled chefs and well-trained wait staff, SOKO offers a complete culinary experience, a familiar “brunch” meal with exquisite details that make the difference – a “delicious, mouth-watering” meal of its own.


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