Dive into the festive spirit with SOKO’s enchanting new Rondo line, a delightful fusion of Christmas classic flavors that brings the joy of the season to life. Inspired by the warm and comforting notes of holiday traditions, each piece in this limited-edition collection is a testament to the timeless tastes of Christmas. From the creamy richness of eggnogs to the spicy sweetness of gingerbread, these seasonal ingredients have been carefully distilled into the essence of every design. The Rondo line embodies the spirit of yuletide cheer, with hues reminiscent of cozy hearths and joyful gatherings. Indulge in the delectable textures and festive colors that mirror the magic of Christmas, and let SOKO be your companion in creating cherished memories throughout the holiday season. Embrace the spirit of the festivities with SOKO’s Rondo line, where every piece is a celebration of the most wonderful time of the year.


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