At NORIBOI, we feature the first “gastronomy” integrated omakase in Vietnam, a Japanese-style chef’s choice meal, which allows us to present our customers with selections that represent the seasons, featuring a creative, sophisticated, and gourmet culinary experience.

Gastronomy is more than just culinary preparation; it also includes a thorough study of ingredients, processes for preparation, flavor combinations, and presentation that result in a flavorful, functional, and artistic dining experience. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to compare gastronomy to “magic” in culinary technology, given that it is supported by several sophisticated tools and catalysts to produce incredibly exceptional effects that elevate the food.

NORIBOI selects only the highest quality and freshest natural ingredients from our trusted local and worldwide sources.

Each day, seafood products are carefully selected, prepared, and served at their peak flavor.

Our dishes are presented one at a time, at the perfect moment when flavor, temperature, and texture are in harmony. This allows our customers to enjoy the true essence of NORIBOI. We aim to provide our customers with a modern experience and traditional taste.

The otherwise simple décor is intentionally sparse to act as a blank canvas on which the food will be allotted space to shine. The courses build on seasonal properties utilized only in their freshest, most delicious state. Each dish is composed to ensure that the ingredients most basic, innate character persists.

With each dish built on seasonal produce sourced from Japan and our home country – Vietnam, NORIBOI’s extensive traditional menu celebrates time-honored techniques.

Our Head Chef focuses on minimalism and the innate character of the ingredients.

“Simplicity, purity of flavor, and intelligence will form the basis of this menu. It will be elegant and beautiful while simultaneously simple, adhering to Japanese sensibilities and form.”

The menu we are trying to deliver to our customers is a translucent representation of Japanese cuisine and the finest seasonal offerings. Thus, we wanted to illustrate that as you perceive and view our restaurant from the outside. It is a translucent facade that allows you to view the full interior through different shades of each letter.

With longstanding respect for heritage and tradition, NORIBOI procures our ingredients from trusted sources. The shari, formulated by our Head Chef, is a special and personalized blend of different varieties of rice and vinegar, bringing out the unique tastes of the fishes of the season. The resulting flavors are distinct and natural.

Our rice is meticulously cooked, seasoned with a unique blend of vinegar, and served at body temperature to create the perfect partner to the nigiri toppings. Each day, seafood products are carefully selected, prepared, and served at their peak flavor. With many of our nigiri, we use a perfectly matched seasoning, which may include our unique soy sauce, sea salt, yuzu, and other ingredients.


The beauty of Japanese Wagyu lies in the balance between meat to fat content, which creates the marbling that it is widely known for. This centerpiece is artfully combined with ingredients in ways that bring out its refined and well-balanced ‘magic’.

Our philosophy is to present deliciousness through the freshest possible produce, so our menus are guided by the seasons.

NORIBOI is proudly committed to cooking mindfully and consciously, relying on the natural flavors of the peak seasonal ingredients we use to highlight the best flavors for your enjoyment.

We also believe in maximizing our ingredients to ensure as little waste as possible. We take pride in a contemporary approach to traditional food preservation techniques such as fermenting, salting and pickling — capturing the season’s flavors at their best.


NORIBOI is a celebration of Japanese culture with a primary focus on food & beverage. Other than the cuisine, our secondary focus is on sake! Our mission is to bring sake and everything surrounding it to the world stage from an international perspective. NORIBOI is a calculated emulation of Japanese food philosophy, beverage, and service culture.

The menu is echoed in the drinks list, designed to be purposeful rather than extravagant. From sake, whisky, and Japanese cocktails to an international wine list, whether after something light and fresh, textual and balanced, to rich and complex, the thoughtfully curated menu makes for effortless navigation.

NORIBOI is a calculated emulation of Japanese food philosophy, beverage, and service culture. In Japan, you may hear the phrase “Nihonshu wa ryori wo erabanai” which translates as “Sake never fights with food.” So while it’s an obvious match for Japanese food, sake is incredibly versatile and also pairs amazingly well with a wide range of western cuisines from Italian to Nordic thanks to its low bitterness and acidity and slightly sweet character, which complement a dish without overpowering its flavors. During your experience at NORIBOI, our well-trained staff will recommend the best type of Sake that is best suited for the meal you are having, whether it is from our A La Carte Menu, Sushi Omakase Menu, or even our Wagyu Omakase Menu.


Neo-futurist, elegance, design, and fine Japanese dining are not often seen in the same sentence. Well, that’s until our newest member, NORIBOI, arrived.

The design of the space? A visual and sensual satisfaction the moment you enter. A delicate dance between Japanese traditions with stone and glass and a nostalgic abstraction of mid-century pop, the interiors of the space intentionally feature a minimalist approach to allow for a blank canvas where food is given the spotlight.

“The theatre of the sushi chef is prioritized in the space and exaggerated with cinematic lighting. The Centre stage is a 15 meter square solid Japanese timber counter floating in a surrounding Japanese Garden. 

A host for up to 80 guests intimately, NORIBOI may be a special environment, but it’s not a one-off environment. With a mix of bar seating, booths and tables, and a private dining area seating a cozy ten to twelve guests secreted away on the highest level, it’s the place to build memories around food, share great conversations and enjoy.

“We want NORIBOI to feel like they are in a comfortable yet serene environment while at the same time an environment with an atmosphere that can be enjoyed. It’s the kind of place where you can dine for lunch and sit at the Omakase bar, dress up and come for a special occasion or join us for a quick stop after work to catch up with colleagues over sake.”

Inspired by the visual of a simple yet inconceivable nori-wrapped roll, the whole construction of our restaurant is also ‘wrapped’ inside walls of square bricks, each present for a letter in the word ‘NORIBOI.’ The exterior facade is a transparent and unequivocal symbol of the letter “N.” 

Similar to the freshest Japanese produce being perfectly seasoned and encased with a ‘nori’ to enhance the taste, NORIBOI is also encased with carefully constructed bricks to enhance the experience of each customer when they first step foot into NORIBOI.

Each piece of glass and brick is carefully constructed to form the transparent ‘armor’ which beautifully surrounds the restaurant and is used as symbols to lead our customers through our Omakase Menu.

We aim to meticulously illustrate the concept of our restaurant name ‘NORIBOI’ through our architecture, service, food, and beverages.