​SOKO, the first “member” of SOKOGROUP, an all-day cafe that leans into casual daytime refreshments, which translate to brunch. We serve you the European brunch classics with a modern and Asian twist. In Japanese, “Soko” translates to “that place/there.”. Soko is named in the hope to be that special “place” for our customers to choose – whether that be a quick pick-me-up drink or to enjoy a relaxing weekend brunch with their loved ones.

Soko’s interior concept revolves around our central color schemes: different hues of pinks, black, and additional touches of greenery. Our interiors are designed with the ideals of contemporary modernism that emphasizes clean lines and geometric shapes. In response to the bustling city of Saigon, Soko’s interior design aims to convey a fresh sense of peace and a warm atmosphere for our customers when dining in.

As for our foods, each of Soko’s signature brunch plates is meticulously prepared and planned by our Chefs. Moreover, by incorporating Vietnamese street food dishes such as Banh Xeo and giving it a modernized twist, Soko hopes to highlight the traditional Vietnamese cuisine and provide our customers’ taste buds with a new perspective. Besides, Soko offers an acclaimed varied menu Filled with traditional brunch dishes such as Eggs Benedict, Full English Breakfast, Pancakes.

Most importantly, since our establishment date, Soko has been known for our baked goods: cube croissants, Cronuts, cruffins, donuts, and more. With many well-devised flavors ranging from Pumpkinspice cheesecake to Creme Brûlée Butterscotch, our professional team of bakers strives to innovate new flavors and products every day.

At the top of it all, Soko highly values our customers’ experience. Hence, we prioritize perfecting our customer services, foods, and drinks before it is delivered or served to our customers. Although Soko is a relatively new brunch spot in Ho Chi Minh city, we pride ourselves in bringing you a different approach to brunching, from the variety to the quality of our foods and services.

At Soko, we are not scared of innovation or competition, as we know how to brunch – and we do it well. From the C-suite team to every member involved at Soko, we sincerely invite you to brunch with us and hope to be “that place” in Saigon to alter many individual lives and their brunching experience positively.